Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

Suitable for any thermal transfer label printer, our range of thermal transfer labels come in any size, shape or colour, drawing on a diverse selection of in-house label materials.   Thermal transfer labels come plain or pre-printed in up to six colours and are supplied on a label material recommended for your specific application.

Standard thermal transfer labels are great for applications such as box or product labelling and offer a cost-effective solution for general labelling applications. If your labelling a product which has a short life span like the food and beverage industry you could also consider a direct thermal label which eliminates the need for a separate thermal transfer ribbon. Both label types can be supplied plain or pre-printed in up to 6 colours with logo's or generic product information ready for overprinting.

For specialist applications like GHS labelling, Labfax supplies a range of materials with BS5609 approval and a range of compatible ribbons.

We can find the ideal solution for the labelling requirements of your specific project. 

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