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Cryogenic labels play a vital role in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and research institutions where samples and specimens are stored at ultra-low temperatures. These specialized labels are designed to withstand extreme cold temperatures, ensuring reliable identification and tracking of samples in cryogenic storage environments. Labfax offers cryogenic labels that maintain their adhesive properties and print quality even at temperatures as low as -196°C (-321°F).


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Product Description

Cryogenic labels are indispensable tools in scientific and medical laboratories where samples and specimens are stored at ultra-low temperatures. These specialized labels are engineered to withstand extreme cold conditions, ensuring that vital information remains intact and legible. Labfax offers a comprehensive range of cryogenic labels designed to adhere reliably to various surfaces even in temperatures as low as -196°C (-321°F).

To streamline the labelling process and eliminate errors, Labfax integrates the AXON 2 print and apply system. This automated solution accelerates printing and application, reducing the risk of mislabeling and ensuring accuracy in sample identification. Furthermore, for applications requiring full-colour labelling, Labfax provides labels compatible with the Epson ColorWorks range. These labels enable high-quality, full-colour printing, allowing for detailed and vibrant cryogenic labels that meet the stringent requirements of scientific research and medical storage.

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Thermal Transfer Cryogenic Labels LBX01-469 50µ Satin white polyester, thermal transfer ENQUIRE NOW In Stock
Inkjet Cryogenic Labels LBXCY8525 85µ Matt white polyester, water-based inkjet  ENQUIRE NOW In Stock

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