There are three essential functions of CabLabel S3 software: Design, Print & Monitoring.  Developed in-house by Cab to ensure its devices operate at their full potential, this sophisticated, dynamic software has an intuitive interface, making it practical and accessible for users.

CabLabel S3 connects all Cab marking systems, which means after you have designed your labels, you can select whether to print to a desktop label printer or an automatic print & apply system. 

The software can also print in stand-alone mode, so you do not need to have your label printer connected to a computer or hosting device.   CabLabel S3 is a modular system, making it highly adaptable in whatever stages you require. It has various plug-ins, such as its script editor, supporting JScript native programming. You can switch labels in the designer user interface which is then visible in real time through the JScript viewer.   It is easy to integrate special functions such as a database connector or barcode tester. 


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