Labfax understands that sourcing the best label printer for your application is only part of the solution and are also a Nicelabel Enterprise Partner, giving our technical sales team the product knowledge to match the best software solution to your project.

From entry level Nicelabel Designer Express to full Label Management Systems, Nicelabel offers a complete range of user-friendly label creation software which can be specially adapted to your particular needs. For more information follow the links below or contact our technical sales team on 01952 583 685.

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  1. Cablabel S3 Label Software
    Cablabel S3 Label Software

    Starting at £154.55 £154.55

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  2. NiceLabel Designer Express
    NiceLabel Designer Express

    Starting at £260.00 £260.00

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  3. NiceLabel Designer Pro
    NiceLabel Designer Pro

    Starting at £525.00 £525.00

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  4. NiceLabel Powerforms
    NiceLabel Powerforms

    Starting at £440.00 £440.00

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  5. NiceLabel PowerForms Suite
    NiceLabel PowerForms Suite

    Starting at £1,150.00 £1,150.00

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