Labfax UK leaders in the supply and support of the Cab label printer range and products.

Labfax takes immense pride in its role as the official distributor for Cab Gmbh in the UK. Our specialisation lies in delivering top-tier Cab label printers and Cab label print & apply systems to a wide array of industries. Whether your requirements lean towards basic desktop printing solutions or the intricacies of fully automated label print and apply systems, Labfax stands ready to cater to your needs with tailored solutions.

Beyond the realm of printers, Labfax's expertise extends further. We are not just printers; we craft a diverse range of labels available in both plain and pre-printed formats, spanning up to six vibrant colors. These labels are designed to accommodate various substrates, ensuring the flexibility to meet even the most unique of requirements. Enhancing our label offerings is an extensive assortment of thermal transfer ribbons, a critical component for achieving flawless printing results.

Labfax takes specialization seriously, evidenced by our collection of specialized consumables. Our inventory includes wash care labels and heat shrink consumables meticulously designed for thermal transfer printing. These consumables boast high-quality materials, guaranteeing exceptional results and the utmost precision in meeting your labeling needs.

Our commitment at Labfax revolves around elevating your efficiency and productivity. Whether it's through our Cab label printers, our wide range of labels, or our specialised consumables, we are dedicated to addressing your distinctive needs and ensuring the success of your labeling endeavors.

Make the choice to partner with Labfax for a labeling experience par excellence. Dive into our comprehensive offerings today and take that decisive step towards seamless, high-quality labeling solutions. Your journey toward labeling excellence begins with Labfax.

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