Warranty Contracts

Warranty Contracts

Labfax warranty contracts are available to all customers.  Whether you have recently bought a label printer or have had one in situ for a while, there is a support contract offered to ensure that you get maximum productivity and reduce downtime.

All new label printers can be purchased along with an on-site warranty contract which includes unlimited call outs, spare parts (excluding printheads and rollers) and telephone support.  Options are available for either 1 or 2 years and also with or without preventative maintenance visits.

If you have an older label printer, which is out of the manufacturer's warranty period, we can arrange an inspection for £150 and then the usual contract pricing which again, includes unlimited call out and spare parts (excluding printheads and rollers)

If you are on a warranty contract and you have an issue and require an engineer on-site, we aim to be with you within 24 hours.

For more information, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 583 685.

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  1. Epson Coverplus - C6000
    Epson Coverplus - C6000

    Starting at £252.00 £210.00

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    Starting at £836.40 £697.00

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  3. MACH Extended Warranty Contract
    MACH Extended Warranty Contract

    Starting at £264.00 £220.00

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  4. EOS Extended Warranty Contract
    EOS Extended Warranty Contract

    Starting at £159.60 £133.00

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  5. Epson Coverplus - C6500
    Epson Coverplus - C6500

    Starting at £483.84 £403.20

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  6. Epson Coverplus - C7500 & C7500G
    Epson Coverplus - C7500 & C7500G

    Starting at £2,130.50 £1,775.42

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  7. Epson Coverplus - C3500
    Epson Coverplus - C3500

    Starting at £187.49 £156.24

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