Tube & Vial Labelling

Tube & Vial Labelling

A thermal transfer printer is an excellent choice for printing labels for test tubes and vials. Thermal transfer printing uses a thermal printhead to transfer ink from a ribbon onto the label material, creating durable and high-quality prints that can be manufactured on material suitable for temperatures of -196ºc.

Pharmaceutical labeling is a critical aspect of the pharmaceutical industry, involving the creation and application of labels on various pharmaceutical products such as medicines, drugs, and medical devices. These labels provide important information about the product, including its name, dosage, instructions for use, warnings, expiration date, batch number, and other regulatory information.

Pharmaceutical labels serve several purposes:

  1. Identification and Branding: Labels help identify the product and distinguish it from others. They often include the product name, logo, and company information for branding purposes.

  2. Safety and Regulatory Compliance: Pharmaceutical labels contain essential safety information, including dosage instructions, potential side effects, contraindications, and warnings. They also include regulatory information such as product registration numbers, barcodes, and lot numbers for traceability.

  3. Patient Information: Labels may include instructions for use, storage conditions, patient information leaflets, and any additional information that patients need to know about the medication or medical device.

  4. Packaging and Handling: Labels provide information about the packaging materials, storage requirements, and proper handling procedures to maintain the product's integrity and efficacy.

  5. Regulatory Requirements: Pharmaceutical labeling is subject to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure patient safety and compliance with local and international regulations. These regulations may include specific formatting, language requirements, and the inclusion of certain information on the labels.

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