EOS Label Printers

This standalone Cab EOS Label Printer has the ability to print labels even if the printer is not connected to the host system. The EOS battery pack 2 allows the printing of more than 500 labels per charge for a label size of 100 x 68 mm at colour coverage of 15%. With battery pack 4 the capacity is doubled.

It also has the ability to save and recall complex label formats, fonts and graphics data that are saved in the internal memory or through a USB stick.


Touchscreen LED display

  • Designed for easy use and readability

USB Interfaces

  • 2 USB interfaces on the operation panel, 1 USB interface on the back for memory stick, service key, WLAN, Bluetooth, keyboard and scanner

Roller holder

  • Automatic centering of labels when Margin Stop is pressed and locked.

Drive roller

  • It can be removed for cleaning or replacement without tools. As small labels may cause friction between printhead and print roller it is recommended to use in this case narrow print rollers with a width of 25mm ensuring a better print image and extending the life of the printhead.

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