Cab SQUIX Print and Apply

Cab SQUIX Print and Apply

The Cab Squix Print & Apply range is a cost-effective solution to immediate, entry-level automatic label printing.

The process is straightforward:

First, from the Squix label printer range select the model that meets your specifications, including print resolution, label width and web-guiding.

Next, choose from the Squix applicator range, according to the label application method you prefer:

The Cab S1000 is a universal print & apply system, available in tamp or blow. The applicator arm labels products horizontally or vertically, according to your specification.

The Cab S3200 uses a rotary cylinder, moving in a 45° to 95° horizontal axis, to apply labels coming off the SQUIX label printer.

The Cab S5104 is a simple wipe-on module, which enables the labelling of moving products at up to approximately 60 labels a minute, with a label length of 100mm and a synchronised print speed of 100mm/s.

Labfax offers a FREE extended warranty on all Squix systems when used with Labfax consumables.

Need a spare part? Take a look at our interactive spare parts finder to find the part number you need.

For more information, please call our technical sales team on 01952 583 685.

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