Cab A2+ Industrial Label Printer

Product Number: Cab A2+ Industrial Label Printer

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This product has been discontinued.

As of the 31st January 2017 the Cab A2+ has been discontinued and replaced with the Cab SQUIX 2 Industrial Label Printer

Spare parts for the A2+ are still available to order.


Product Description

The Cab A2+ industrial label printer offers high printing accuracy and a 2" maximum print width. The A+ series range offers reliable, user-friendly, simple operation and maintenance whilst still being a rugged, industrialized printer for a manufacturing environment. Cab A2+ Industrial Label Printer The Cab A2+ label printer is supplied with Cablabel S3 Label Software and can be supplied in 300 or 600dpi print resolution if very small or detailed print is needed.

Cab has also added a wide range of accessories to the A+ series to make the solution specific for your application. Accessories include; Automatic cutter Stacker Tray External Rewind External Unwinder The A2+ label printer is also available in a “P Version” offering automatic label dispensing. With this option, the peel-off adapter or present sensor is needed and there are various different options depending on the labels that you are dispensing and the functionality required.

It is also possible to integrate the A2+ label printer with the A1000 label applicator to offer cost-effective, semi-automatic and automatic label print and apply. Labfax has an extensive stock of all Cab label printer spare parts and offers a wide range of software to suit individual needs.