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Nicelabel LMS Enterprise

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Use Nicelabel LMS Enterprise to centralize and automate label printing.

NiceLabel Enterprise PartnerLMS Enterprise allows users to automatically print without any coding from existing business systems.

LMS provides the tools to centralise, control and automate label printing to increase efficiency, consistency and visibility while minimising cost, maintenance and user support. NiceLabel LMS Enterprise supports an unlimited number of printers making it affordable for you to automate all of your printing infrastructure.

LMS Enterprise provides document managements system with:

  • Version control
  • Quality assurance
  • Approval workflows

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise directly links your label printing infrastructure to your mission critical business systems without the need for extensive customisation.

Integrated Printing system

LMS Enterprise includes an integrated printing system with SAP ABAP package, PDF and previews, web services, advanced error handling and workflows, failover and load balancing.

Scalable at no extra cost

NiceLabel LMS Enterprise server license supports an unlimited number of printers. Unlike competitive offerings, no printer seat licensing makes it affordable for you to directly connect all of your printers to your applications.

  • Scalable to any amount of printers at no extra cost.
  • The high throughput print engine can simultaneously handle thousands of print requests to globally distributed printers.
  • A centralized print server eliminates costly maintenance and support of decentralized applications.

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