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Intermec CK71 Computer 

The Intermec CK71 mobile computer boasts true functional agility, perfectly balancing all elements for use within the most demanding warehouse distribution and manufacturing environments.

The CK71 mobile computer is ideal for users balancing cost control whilst still requiring a next generation mobile computer.


  • 12% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra-rugged class
  • Superior computing performance and application response time
  • The industry’s fastest farthest imaging engines delivery superior motion tolerance and barcode read range
  • Exceptional peripheral support and quick change snap on accessories provide versatility for every distribution environment
  • On board diagnostics and INcontrol managed health services provide viability
  • Advanced battery and power management technologies extend   device run time, and reduce the expense of replacement batteries
  • Dual band 802.11n radio pervasive wireless coverage, non-incentive options for hazardous locations
    Industrial grade materials and high agility make the Intermec CK71 the perfect mobile computer for use within extreme conditions.

All of the mobile computers within the Intermc 70 series are equipt with pre-loaded ScanNGo. ScanNGo allows users of the CK71 to provision, configure and download software needed for applications. The feature works by reading pre-configured barcodes, allowing users to complete tasks within seconds.

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