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Honeywell Dolphin 6500 Mobile Computer

The Honeywell Dolphin 6500 mobile computer is a lightweight and versatile mobile computer which can provide advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication.

The Honeywell Dolphin 6500 is ideal for in-premise application within retail, grocery and light-industrial supply chain environments. The computer can be customized for individual use to support various applications through the multiple keypad options available which include, the 28 key numeric and the 52 key alpha-numeric. Honeywell’s Dolphin 6500 mobile computer is built to resist damage from dust, dirt, and accidental drops making it perfect for mobile operators working in tough and  challenging environmental conditions.

Key features and benefits

•    Remote mastermind ready

Reduces total cost of ownership by providing a turnkey remote device management solution that easily manages and tracks the usage of installed devices.

•    Designed for diverse application needs

The Dolphin 6500′s large, colour touch screen display and multiple keypad options offer easy, flexible solutions, suitable for use in key-or-graphics based data entry requirements.

•    Real-time wireless communication

Advanced integrated 802.11b/g technology delivers real time network access to critical information and also supports advanced wireless security standards.

•    Class-leading PXA300 microprocessor

Supports both Microsoft Windows embedded handheld 6.5 and Windows CE 5.0 platforms

•    Shift-PLUS power management

Powers scan intensive, real-time wireless applications continuously for 10 hours or more, which enhances productivity while greatly extending useful battery life and reduces replacement costs.

•    Versatile, high performance data collection

Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.5 reads linear 2D barcodes, captures digital images and also enables electronic signature capture, there by enabling workers to do more with a single device.

•    Optional slide-on handle accessory

The slide-on handle provides a  productivity-enhancing solution for applications that require high volume scanning.  An example would be inventory management and stock replacement.

•    Scanning Flexibility

Available with laser scanner engine for users with linear scanning needs only

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