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Cablabel S3 Label Software

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Cablabel S3 is the brand new label creation software package developed during 2014 by Cab.

Cablabel S3 Label Software

Cablabel S3’s main functions are design, print and monitoring.

Whether you are creating labels for a cab label printer, print and apply or laser marking system Cablabel S3 is a great platform.  The design stage for any application is the same, and then once you have created your label you can then decide how you want to print it. Its user-friendly interface offers fantastic flexibility and a number of great functions including different date formats, mathematic and logic functions. It also supports the stand-alone functions of the printers if required offering greater security to label design formats.

Elements like J-Script editor as embedded as a plug-in to support programming and any amendments that are made in the designer interface are shown in Jscript viewer in real time.  Other functions like a database connector or barcode testers can be integrated easily.

Want to try out Cablabel S3 and check out its great features? Download the demo version for 30 days.


Cablabel S3 Label Software

Cablabel S3 Label Software Technical data

  •  Lite:
    • Free of charge with every printer
  • Pro:
    • Professional label design for industrial sector
  • Print:
    • Print only for production or warehouses.
  • Print Server:
    • Automated for external applications
  • Viewer:
    • Allows previewing for approval processes