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Cab XD4T: Double Sided Textile Label Printer

Reduce wash care label costs by printing two sides simultaneously with the CAB XD4T double sided label printer.

Boasting the A+ printer’s series user-friendly features, great functionality, and a centrally aligned label sensor, makes the Cab XD4T label printer suitable for printing onto varying widths of a substrate without any adjustment.

Suitable for printing onto satin, polyester and other thermal transfer compatible textile labels , the XD4T prints both sides in one pass.  If used with anti fray satin material there would be no need to print a double length label which would be looped and sewn into the garment and could, therefore reduce your printing costs dramatically.

To suit the Cab XD4T, Labfax has extensive stocks of consumables.  These are available in any width and a variety of colours.

To enquire about Cab XD4T label printer and consumables, call 0845 519 2410 or email

Parts List

View parts list for Cab XD4T: Double Sided Textile Label Printer

Part No. Description For Printer
5540868.001 LCD Display XD4 T
5540930.001 Navigator Pad XD4 T
5541172.001 Pivot Arm XD4 T
5550611.001 Power Cable Type E+F XD4 T
5551118.001 CPU X2 XD4 T
5901060.001 Plastic Bushing XD4 T
5901071.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F688-ZZ XD4 T
5901090.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F608-ZZ XD4 T
5901123.001 Plastic Bushing XD4 T
5901655.001 Cable USB XD4 T
5902007.001 Screw DIN912-M3x6 XD4 T
5902010.001 Screw DIN912-M3x10 XD4 T
5902011.001 Screw DIN912-M3x20 XD4 T
5902016.001 Screw DIN7991-M4x10 XD4 T
5902020.001 Screw DIN7991-M5x16 XD4 T
5902145.001 Screw DIN923-M3x6 XD4 T
5902304.001 Screw DIN7991-M4x6 XD4 T
5902358.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x6 XD4 T
5902375.001 Screw DIN7984-M6x10 XD4 T
5902414.001 Screw EJOT-PT-K30x12 XD4 T
5902457.001 Screw DIN7985-M2x10 XD4 T
5902489.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x8 XD4 T
5902541.001 Nut DIN439-M4 XD4 T
5902565.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x10 XD4 T
5902571.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x6 XD4 T
5902572.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x16 XD4 T
5902573.001 Screw DIN7991-M4x8 XD4 T
5902817.001 Screw sim. ISO7380-M4x6 XD4 T
5902830.001 Screw sim. ISO7380-M4x10 XD4 T
5903003.001 Washer DIN125-A4.3 XD4 T
5903004.001 Washer DIN125-A3.2 XD4 T
5903011.001 Toothed Washer DIN6797-A4.3 XD4 T
5903020.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.5 XD4 T
5903035.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x1.0 XD4 T
5903038.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.2 XD4 T
5903076.001 Washer DIN988-5x10x0.5 XD4 T
5903128.001 Washer 35x8.4x1.25 XD4 T
5903501.001 E-Ring DIN6799-7 XD4 T
5903516.001 Snap Ring DIN471-8x0.8 XD4 T
5903517.001 Snap Ring DIN471-12x1 XD4 T
5903521.001 Snap Ring DIN471-A6 XD4 T
5903541.001 Snap Rring DIN471-5x0.6 XD4 T
5904511.001 Set Screw DIN916-M4x4 XD4 T
5905196.001 Belt 150MXL 037 XD4 T
5905392.001 Magnet Lock XD4 T
5905866.001 Stopper 16x0.8 XD4 T
5906133.001 Spring XD4 T
5906136.001 Spring XD4 T
5906154.001 Ferrite XD4 T
5906158.001 Belt 190DMXL037 XD4 T
5906163.001 Stopper XD4 T
5906181.001 Protection Cap XD4 T
5906254.001 Belt 54MXL 037 XD4 T
5906867.001 Belt 120MXL 019 XD4 T
5943022.001 Knurled Knob XD4 T
5943107.001 Cable Power Supply XD4 T
5943120.001 Gear 28 XD4 T
5946113.001 Allen Key XD4 T
5946238.001 Gear 29 XD4 T
5953700.001 Drive Roller DR4-M25 XD4 T
5953701.001 Drive Roller DR4-M50 XD4 T
5953702.001 Drive Roller DR4-M80 XD4 T
5954024.001 Ribbon Sensor XD4 T
5954025.001 Control Panel Cover XD4 T
5954026.001 Holder XD4 T
5954027.001 Cable Control Panel XD4 T
5954044.001 Roller XD4 T
5954057.001 Spring XD4 T
5954059.001 Lever XD4 T
5954060.001 Pivot Arm XD4 T
5954061.001 Roller Ribbon XD4 T
5954066.001 Cable Printhead XD4 T
5954067.001 Cable Printhead XD4 T
5954070.001 Printhead Locking System XD4 T
5954072.001 Printhead 4/300 XD4 T
5954114.001 Brake XD4 T
5954115.001 Gear 42 XD4 T
5954120.001 Wall Spacer XD4 T
5954121.001 Cone XD4 T
5954122.001 Shell XD4 T
5954124.001 Snap Ring XD4 T
5954131.001 Spring XD4 T
5954132.001 Strip XD4 T
5954134.001 Bracket XD4 T
5954135.001 Bracket XD4 T
5954180.001 Drive Roller DR4 XD4 T
5955034.001 PCB Navi Button XD4 T
5955046.001 Power Input Module XD4 T
5956220.001 Power Supply XD4 T
5958589.001 Printhead Mounting Bracket XD4 T
5958595.001 Shell XD4 T
5958677.001 Antistatic Brush XD4 T
5959302.001 Cable Printhead XD4 T
5959303.001 Cable Printhead XD4 T
5959304.001 Cable Sensors XD4 T
5959307.001 Switch Printhead XD4 T
5959308.001 Cable Ribbon Sensor XD4 T
5959309.001 Cable Label Sensor XD4 T
5959310.001 Cable Control Panel XD4 T
5959312.001 Stepper Motor XD4 T
5959314.001 Control Panel XD4 T
5959427.001 Side Plate XD4 T
5959443.001 Lever XD4 T
5959449.001 Gear 21 XD4 T
5959461.001 Printhead Mounting Bracket XD4 T
5959468.001 Printhead Locking System XD4 T
5959523.001 Profile XD4 T
5959529.001 Side Plate XD4 T
5959531.001 Roller XD4 T
5959532.001 Axle XD4 T
5959533.001 Tube XD4 T
5959534.001 Cap XD4 T
5959566.001 Roller XD4 T
5959568.001 Hinge XD4 T
5959570.001 Cover XD4 T
5959596.001 Plate XD4 T
5959598.001 Slipping Clutch XD4 T
5959599.001 Slipping Clutch XD4 T
5959610.001 Margin Stop XD4 T
5959611.001 Adapter 75 mm XD4 T
5959612.001 Adapter 75 mm XD4 T
5959620.001 Media Hub XD4 T
5959624.001 Knurled Screw XD4 T
5959713.001 Cover Plate XD4 T
5959720.001 Axle XD4 T
5959721.001 Ribbon Hub XD4 T
5959723.001 Shaft XD4 T
5959726.001 Screw Fastening XD4 T
5959727.001 Screw Fastening XD4 T
5959732.001 Threaded Plate XD4 T
5959736.001 Spindle XD4 T
5959738.001 Spindle XD4 T
5959741.001 Profile XD4 T
5959742.001 Side Plate XD4 T
5959761.001 PCB Splitter XD4 T
5959765.001 Label Sensor XD4 T
5959770.001 Profile XD4 T
5959772.001 Axle XD4 T
5959774.001 Base Plate XD4 T
5959781.001 Flap XD4 T
5959917.001 Belt Tension Bracket XD4 T
5959918.001 Belt Tension Bracket XD4 T
5959944.001 Axle XD4 T
5959946.001 Profile XD4 T
5959947.001 Side Plate XD4 T
5959948.001 Adapter Plate XD4 T
5969326.001 Screw M4x10 XD4 T
5970815.001 Plate XD4 T
5970820.001 Roller XD4 T
5970821.001 Axle XD4 T
5970822.001 Retainer XD4 T
5970824.001 Screw XD4 T
5970825.001 Distance Bolt XD4 T
5970834.001 Spring XD4 T
5970836.001 Side Plate XD4 T
5970837.001 Chassis XD4 T
5970838.001 Cover XD4 T
5970840.001 Shaft XD4 T
5970842.001 Cable Periphery XD4 T
5970845.001 Bracket XD4 T
5970846.001 Pinch Roller XD4 T
8910053.001 Square Nut M4 8mm XD4 T
9009138.001 DVD XD4 de/en/fr XD4 T
9104186.001 Packaging XD4 T
Cab XD4T

Cab XD4T: Double Sided Textile Label Printer Technical data

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  • Part Number :
    • 5959970 XD4T Label Printer
  • Print resolution of 300dpi
  • Print speed of up to 125 mm/s
  • Print width of up to 105.6 mm
  • 64 (RAM) MB
  • All Cab Label printers come with free Cablabel R2+ software
  •  Dimensions:
    • Height: 395 mm
    • Depth: 554 mm
    • Width: 248 mm