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Cab EOS1 / EOS4 Label Printer

The new Cab EOS1 / EOS4 label printer range is the perfect entry level solution for printing labels in production, logistics and retail and supersedes the Cab E4 Label Printer.

They are the first Cab label printers to be fitted with a touch-screen as standard, making it easy to call up existing labels, add data and print them off – all without being connected to a PC. Labels can be saved to a USB memory stick or the internal memory of the printer.

The main difference between the two printers is size.  The Cab EOS1 can hold a label roll diameter of up to 150mm whereas the slightly larger EOS4 has a material diameter of up to 200mm.

Both are available with either 200 or 300 dpi resolution. Once more, the consumable parts such as printheads and rollers can be replaced in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools or an engineer.

The EOS can also be adapted for use as a mobile label printer using the EOS battery pack.  The battery pack allows printing on more than 500 labels per charge.

As with the rest of the Cab range the printers come with a full version of Cablabel S3 label software.

For more information on how the EOS label printer can benefit your business, click here for a Cab case study.

To enquire about Cab EOS1 / EOS4 label printer and consumables, call 0845 519 2410 or email

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Parts List

View parts list for Cab EOS1 / EOS4 Label Printer

Part No. Description For Printer
5540617.001 Foot EOS1, EOS4
5540637.001 Spring EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5541379.001 Gear Motor EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5550176.001 CPU X3 EOS1, EOS4
5550611.001 Power Cable Type E+F EOS1, EOS4 Mains Op.
5551126.001 Power Supply EOS1, EOS4 Mains Op.
5901082.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-685-ZZ EOS4 P
5901655.001 Cable USB EOS1, EOS4
5902414.001 Screw EJOT-PT-K30x12 EOS1, EOS4, Unwinder
5902838.001 Screw DIN7984-M3x6 EOS4 P
5902867.001 Screw DIN7984-M3x8 EOS1, EOS4
5903004.001 Washer DIN125-A3.2 EOS1, EOS4
5903525.001 E-Ring DIN6799-4 EOS4 P
5905013.001 Spring EOS4 P
5905567.001 Belt 68MXL 037 EOS4 P
5906104.001 Spring EOS1, EOS4
5906221.001 Spring EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5959588.001 Margin Stop Unwinder
5965252.001 Roller EOS4 P
5965254.001 Gear 21 EOS4 P
5965255.001 Shaft EOS4 P
5965257.001 Dispense Plate EOS4 P
5965258.001 Plate EOS4 P
5965259.001 Bushing EOS4 P
5965260.001 Dispense Plate EOS4 P
5965261.001 Spring EOS4 P
5965262.001 Latch EOS4 P
5965263.001 Latch EOS4 P
5965273.001 Lever EOS4 P
5965274.001 Cover EOS4 P
5965285.001 Cover EOS4 P
5965349.001 Holder Unwinder
5965359.001 Sensor EOS1, EOS4
5965378.001 Cable Cutter Connection EOS1 C, EOS4
5965384.001 Cable Ground Connection EOS1, EOS4
5965387.001 Cable Printhead EOS4
5965388.001 Cable Sensors EOS4
5965392.001 Cable Ground Connection EOS4
5965403.001 Cover Plate EOS1
5965415.001 Transport Module EOS1, EOS4
5965427.001 Spring EOS1, EOS4
5965435.001 Chassis EOS1
5965445.001 Tear-off Plate EOS1
5965455.001 Media Hub EOS1
5965460.001 Margin Stop EOS1
5965465.001 Stepper Motor EOS1, EOS4
5965471.001 Cable Control Panel EOS1, EOS4
5965473.001 Cable Printhead EOS1
5965474.001 Cable Sensors EOS1
5965477.001 Belt Roller EOS1, EOS4
5965484.001 Cover EOS1
5965488.001 Print Roller DR4 EOS1, EOS4
5965498.001 Gear Motor EOS1
5965501.001 Gear Wheel Z12 EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965502.001 Shaft EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965504.001 Media Hub Unwinder
5965507.001 Chassis EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965510.001 Control Panel EOS1
5965524.001 Blade EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965528.001 Blade EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965529.001 Cutter Module EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5965530.001 Cable Power Supply EOS1, EOS4
5965534.001 Cable Ground Connection EOS1
5965536.001 Gear Wheel Z31/19 EOS1, EOS4
5965566.001 Shielding Plate EOS1
5965580.001 Printhead 300 EOS1 / 300, EOS4 / 300
5965857.001 Shielding Plate EOS4
5965872.001 Cover Plate EOS4
5965877.001 Cover EOS4
5965878.001 Chassis EOS4
5965879.001 Tear-off Plate EOS4
5965880.001 Control Panel EOS4
5965882.001 Baseplate EOS4
5965885.001 Margin Stop EOS4
5965886.001 Media Hub EOS4
5965887.001 Gear Motor EOS4
5965987.001 Cover EOS1 C
5966096.001 Printhead 200 EOS1 / 200, EOS4 / 200
5966203.001 Ribbon Take-up Hub EOS1, EOS4
5966205.001 Ribbon Supply Hub EOS1, EOS4
5966207.001 Baseplate EOS1
5966209.001 Spring EOS1, EOS4
5966214.001 Bushing EOS1, EOS4
5966218.001 Print Roller DR4-25 EOS1, EOS4
5966219.001 Print Roller DR4-50 EOS1, EOS4
5966323.001 Antistatic Brush EOS1, EOS4
5966331.001 Cover EOS1 C
5966341.001 Cover EOS4 C
5966350.001 Cutter Module EOS1 C, EOS4 C
5966354.001 Printhead Holder EOS1, EOS4
5966366.001 DC/DC Converter EOS1, EOS4 Battery Op.
5966912.001 Chassis EOS1 C, EOS4 C
9009118.001 DVD EOS EO1, EOS4
9109252.001 Packaging EOS4 P
9109286.001 Packaging EOS1
9109287.001 Packaging EOS4
Cab EOS1 / EOS4 Label Printer

Cab EOS1 / EOS4 Label Printer Technical data

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Cab Eos1 200/300dpi

  • Part Numbers :
    • 5965101 EOS1/200
    • 5965102 EOS1/300
  •  Dimensions:
    • Height: 189 mm
    • Depth: 322 mm
    • Width: 253 mm

Cab Eos4 200/300dpi

  • Part Numbers :
    • 5965103 EOS4/200
    • 5965104 EOS4/300
  •  Dimensions:
    • Height: 245 mm
    • Depth: 412 mm
    • Width: 264 mm
  • Two additional USB interfaces allowing connectivity to a standard PC keyboard, a scanner or a USB memory stick.
  • LCD touch screen display.
  • In stand-alone mode the label data is entered via keyboard directly into the printer so a PC isn’t necessary.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly due to high-tech electronics and the intelligent printhead.
  • Housing is manufactured out of ABS synthetic material with a translucent cover.
  • The Cablabel S3 Label software supports all printer functions optimally.
  • Discover how to integrate SAP R/3 into the Cab EOS1 /EOS4

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