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Cab A6+ Industrial Label Printer

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The Cab A6+ industrial label printer is the ideal solution for labels with widths of up to 176mm.

The A+ series range offers reliable, user-friendly, simple operation and maintenance whilst still being a rugged, industrialized printer for a manufacturing environment.

The Cab A6+ label printer is supplied with Cablabel S3 label software. It has a maximum 6″ print width and can be supplied in 200 or 300dpi print resolution. Cab have also added a wide range of accessories to the A+ series range to make the solution specific for your application.

If you are looking to print Odette and UCC/EAN 128 labels , the Cab A6+ is perfect and can be fully integrated into production flow via optional digital and I/O device.

Like the other label printers in the Cab range the A6+ is extremely user-friendly and easily maintained whilst still offering the highest level in engineering that’s required in a busy production environment.

Accessories include;

  • Automatic cutter
  • Stacker Tray
  • External Rewind
  • External Unwinder

The A6+ label printer is also available in a “P Version” offering automatic label dispensing. With this as an option the peel-off adapter of present sensor is needed and there are various different options depending on the labels that you are dispensing and the functionality required.

Its is also possible to integrate the A6+ label printer with the A1000 label applicator to offer cost effective, semi-automatic and automatic label print and apply. Labfax has an extensive stock of all Cab label printer spare parts and offers an extensive range of software to suit individual needs.

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Parts List

View parts list for Cab A6+ Industrial Label Printer

Part No. Description For Printer
5536569.001 Gear 42-08 A6+
5540868.001 LCD Display A6+
5540930.001 Navigator Pad A6+
5541172.001 Pivot Arm A6+
5550611.001 Power Cable Type E+F A6+
5551118.001 CPU X2 A6+
5901026.001 Plastic Bushing A6+
5901034.001 Bushing A6+
5901036.001 Plastic Bushing A6+
5901071.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F688-ZZ A6+
5901090.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F608-ZZ A6+
5901123.001 Plastic Bushing A6+
5901655.001 Cable USB A6+
5902011.001 Screw DIN912-M3x20 A6+
5902145.001 Screw DIN923-M3x6 A6+
5902241.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x10 A6+
5902414.001 Screw EJOT-PT-K30x12 A6+
5902457.001 Screw DIN7985-M2x10 A6+
5902474.001 Screw DIN912-M3x16 A6+
5902565.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x10 A6+
5902571.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x6 A6+
5902572.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x16 A6+
5902573.001 Screw DIN7991-M4x8 A6+
5902823.001 Screw DIN921-M3x6 A6+
5903003.001 Washer DIN125-A4.3 A6+
5903005.001 Washer DIN9021-4.3 A6+
5903011.001 Toothed Washer DIN6797-A4.3 A6+
5903020.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.5 A6+
5903038.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.2 A6+
5903128.001 Washer 35x8.4x1.25 A6+
5903507.001 E-Ring DIN6799-3.2 A6+
5903516.001 Snap Ring DIN471-8x0.8 A6+
5903521.001 Snap Ring DIN471-A6 A6+
5905196.001 Belt 150MXL 037 A6+/
5905649.001 Belt 106MXL 037 A6+/
5905652.001 Foot A6+
5905699.001 Stopper 25x1 A6+/
5905857.001 Belt 120MXL 037 A6+/
5905866.001 Stopper 16x0.8 A6+/
5905885.001 Stopper M4x10 A6+
5906112.001 Spring A6+
5906135.001 Belt 300MXL 037 A6+/
5906136.001 Spring A6+
5906157.001 Shock Absorber A6+
5943004.001 Cover A6+
5943007.001 Cover A6+
5943022.001 Knurled Knob A6+
5943025.001 Media Guide Ring A6+
5943091.001 Media Retainer A6+
5943107.001 Cable Power Supply A6+
5943113.001 Cover A6+
5943196.001 Baseplate A6+/
5943225.001 Strip A6+
5946113.001 Allen Key A6+
5946206.001 Motor A6+
5946238.001 Gear 29 A6+
5946413.001 Dispense Plate DP6 A6+/
5946414.001 Tear-off Plate TP6 A6+/
5946450.001 Locking System A6+
5946462.001 Pinch Roller A6+
5946478.001 Baseplate A6+/
5946480.001 Plate A6+
5946570.001 Bearing Plate A6+
5946571.001 Bearing Plate A6+
5946575.001 Axle A6+
5946576.001 Axle A6+
5946581.001 Swing A6+
5954009.001 Chassis A6+/
5954013.001 Metal Cover A6+
5954016.001 Cover cab A6+ A6+
5954020.001 Control Panel A6+
5954024.001 Ribbon Sensor A6+
5954025.001 Control Panel Cover A6+
5954026.001 Holder A6+
5954027.001 Cable Control Panel A6+
5954028.001 PCB Detection A6+ Thermo direct
5954059.001 Lever A6+
5954060.001 Pivot Arm A6+
5954090.001 Label Sensor A6+
5954095.001 Cable Periphery A6+
5954097.001 Cable Control Panel A6+
5954098.001 Cable Sensors A6+
5954106.001 Printhead 6/300 A6+
5954112.001 Wall Spacer A6+
5954114.001 Brake A6+
5954115.001 Gear 42 A6+
5954120.001 Wall Spacer A6+
5954121.001 Cone A6+
5954124.001 Snap Ring A6+
5954129.001 Axle A6+
5954131.001 Spring A6+
5954132.001 Strip A6+
5954134.001 Bracket A6+
5954143.001 Cone A6+
5954145.001 Rewinder Wall Plate A6+
5954146.001 Slipping Clutch A6+
5954151.001 Slipping Clutch A6+
5954160.001 Belt Tension Bracket A6+
5954179.001 Cover Plate A6+
5954182.001 Shaft A6+
5954184.001 Shaft A6+
5954185.001 Bolt A6+
5954216.001 Profile A6+
5954217.001 Printhead 6/200 A6+
5954221.001 Shell A6+
5954231.001 Printhead Mounting Bracket A6+
5954239.001 Spring A6+
5954240.001 Printhead Locking System A6+
5954242.001 Roller A6+
5954243.001 Roller Ribbon A6+
5954244.001 Profile A6+
5954245.001 Drive Roller DR6 A6+
5954246.001 Roller RR6 A6+/
5954248.001 Ribbon Takeup Hub A6+
5954249.001 Ribbon Supply Hub A6+
5954250.001 Axle A6+
5954251.001 Internal Rewinder A6+
5954252.001 Shaft, Takeup Assy. A6+
5954253.001 Shell A6+
5954255.001 Media Hub A6+
5954256.001 Rewind Plate RG6 A6+
5954258.001 Cable Printhead A6+
5954259.001 Cable Printhead A6+
5954261.001 Bracket A6+
5954262.001 Chassis A6+/
5954263.001 Chassis A6+/
5954264.001 Chassis A6+ Thermo direct
5954399.001 Cover Plate A6+
5955034.001 PCB Navi Button A6+
5955046.001 Power Input Module A6+
5956220.001 Power Supply A6+
5958711.001 Side Plate A6+/
5958713.001 Side Plate A6+/
5958778.001 Chassis A6+/
5958779.001 Chassis A6+ Thermo direct
5959742.001 Side Plate A6+
5959807.001 Media Hub A6+
5959937.001 Margin Stop A6+
9009133.001 DVD A+ de/en/fr A6+
9109037.001 Packaging A6+

Cab A6+ Industrial Label Printer Technical data

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  • Part Numbers:
    • 5954587 A6+/200
    • 5954588 A6+/200p
    • 5954513 A6+/300
    • 5954514 A6+/300p
  • Print width of up to 168mm
  • Print speed of up to 200 mm/s
  • 64 RAM MB
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 274 mm
    • Depth: 446 mm
    • Width: 302 mm
  • Need some technical support? Email