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Cab A4+M Label Printer

The Cab A4+M industrial label printer features a centered media guide, making it the ideal solution for thick continuous material like heat shrink sleeves or cable markers.

The Cab A4+M is also ideal for users who frequently need to switch between labels of different width as the centrally placed media guide requires no adjustment. Suitable for material widths from 4 to 110mm and is available with a print resolution of 300 and 600dpi.

  • Allows printing on very narrow or very thick continuous materials
  • The gap height at the material sensor for flat tubes and plastic tapes is up to 4mm
  • The print speed for difficult to print materials is set to between 3 and 125 mm/sec

All Cab printers feature are supplied with the Cablabel S3 Label Software  as well as having the options of a wide range of accessories which can be viewed in the Cab A+ Series brochure.

As of the 31st January 2017, the A4+M has been discontinued and replaced with the Cab SQUIX M. Spare parts for the A4+M are still available to order.

To enquire about Cab A4+M spares and consumables, call 0845 519 2410 or email

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Parts List

View parts list for Cab A4+M Label Printer

Part No. Description For Printer
5540868.001 LCD Display A4+ M
5540930.001 Navigator Pad A4+ M
5541172.001 Pivot Arm A4+ M
5550611.001 Power Cable Type E+F A4+ M
5551118.001 CPU X2 A4+ M
5901071.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F688-ZZ A4+ M
5901090.001 Ball Bearing DIN625-F608-ZZ A4+ M
5901123.001 Plastic Bushing A4+ M
5901124.001 Plastic Bushing A4+ M
5901655.001 Cable USB A4+ M
5902007.001 Screw DIN912-M3x6 A4+ M
5902011.001 Screw DIN912-M3x20 A4+ M
5902145.001 Screw DIN923-M3x6 A4+ M
5902241.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x10 A4+ M
5902281.001 Screw DIN7984-M5x12 A4+ M
5902414.001 Screw EJOT-PT-K30x12 A4+ M
5902457.001 Screw DIN7985-M2x10 A4+ M
5902489.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x8 A4+ M
5902565.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x10 A4+ M
5902571.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x6 A4+ M
5902572.001 Screw DIN7984-M4x16 A4+ M
5902573.001 Screw DIN7991-M4x8 A4+ M
5902670.001 Thumbscrew A4+ M
5902817.001 Screw sim. ISO7380-M4x6 A4+ M
5903003.001 Washer DIN125-A4.3 A4+ M
5903011.001 Toothed Washer DIN6797-A4.3 A4+ M
5903020.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.5 A4+ M
5903038.001 Washer DIN988-8x14x0.2 A4+ M
5903090.001 Washer DIN988-4x8x0.5 A4+ M
5903128.001 Washer 35x8.4x1.25 A4+ M
5903505.001 E-Ring DIN6799-5 A4+ M
5903507.001 E-Ring DIN6799-3.2 A4+ M
5903516.001 Snap Ring DIN471-8x0.8 A4+ M
5903521.001 Snap Ring DIN471-A6 A4+ M
5905196.001 Belt 150MXL 037 A4+ M
5905570.001 O-Ring 5x1.5 A4+ M
5905649.001 Belt 106MXL 037 A4+ M
5905652.001 Foot A4+ M
5905699.001 Stopper 25x1 A4+ M
5905866.001 Stopper 16x0.8 A4+ M
5906136.001 Spring A4+ M
5906157.001 Shock Absorber A4+ M
5943004.001 Cover A4+ M
5943007.001 Cover A4+ M
5943022.001 Knurled Knob A4+ M
5943083.001 Baseplate A4+ M
5943107.001 Cable Power Supply A4+ M
5943113.001 Cover A4+ M
5946113.001 Allen Key A4+ M
5946208.001 Stepper Motor A4+ M
5946238.001 Gear 29 A4+ M
5946244.001 Tear-off Plate TP4 A4+ M
5953700.001 Drive Roller DR4-M25 A4+ M
5953701.001 Drive Roller DR4-M50 A4+ M
5953702.001 Drive Roller DR4-M80 A4+ M
5954020.001 Control Panel A4+ M
5954024.001 Ribbon Sensor A4+ M
5954025.001 Control Panel Cover A4+ M
5954026.001 Holder A4+ M
5954027.001 Cable Control Panel A4+ M
5954044.001 Roller A4+ M
5954057.001 Spring A4+ M
5954059.001 Lever A4+ M
5954060.001 Pivot Arm A4+ M
5954061.001 Roller Ribbon A4+ M
5954066.001 Cable Printhead A4+ M
5954067.001 Cable Printhead A4+ M
5954070.001 Printhead Locking System A4+ M
5954072.001 Printhead 4/300 A4+M/300
5954077.001 Printhead 4/600 A4+M/600
5954095.001 Cable Periphery A4+ M
5954097.001 Cable Control Panel A4+ M
5954099.001 Cable Sensors A4+ M
5954112.001 Wall Spacer A4+ M
5954113.001 Slipping Clutch A4+ M
5954114.001 Brake A4+ M
5954115.001 Gear 42 A4+ M
5954120.001 Wall Spacer A4+ M
5954121.001 Cone A4+ M
5954122.001 Shell A4+ M
5954124.001 Snap Ring A4+ M
5954128.001 Axle A4+ M
5954131.001 Spring A4+ M
5954132.001 Strip A4+ M
5954134.001 Bracket A4+ M
5954135.001 Bracket A4+ M
5954160.001 Belt Tension Bracket A4+ M
5954172.001 Media Hub A4+ M
5954179.001 Cover Plate A4+ M
5954180.001 Drive Roller DR4 A4+ M
5954182.001 Shaft A4+ M
5954399.001 Cover Plate A4+ M
5954770.001 Packaging A4+ M
5955034.001 PCB Navi Button A4+ M
5955046.001 Power Input Module A4+ M
5956220.001 Power Supply A4+ M
5958575.001 Profile A4+ M
5958580.001 Spindle-M A4+ M
5958581.001 Chassis A4+ M
5958582.001 Side Plate A4+ M
5958584.001 Axle A4+ M
5958585.001 Belt Roller A4+ M
5958589.001 Printhead Mounting Bracket A4+ M
5958591.001 Ribbon Takeup Hub A4+ M
5958592.001 Ribbon Supply Hub A4+ M
5958593.001 Chassis A4+ M
5958595.001 Shell A4+ M
5958598.001 Cover A4+ M
5958670.001 Label Sensor A4+ M
5959458.001 Guide A4+ M
5959459.001 Guide A4+ M
5959580.001 Media Hub M A4+ M
5959588.001 Margin Stop A4+ M
5959601.001 Media Hub A4+ M
5959611.001 Adapter 75 mm A4+ M
5959612.001 Adapter 75 mm A4+ M
5959624.001 Knurled Screw A4+ M
5959741.001 Profile A4+ M
5959742.001 Side Plate A4+ M
8910053.001 Square Nut M4 8mm A4+ M
9009133.001 DVD A+ de/en/fr A4+ M

Cab A4+M Label Printer Technical data

Download Product Brochure Blue

  • Part Numbers
    • 5954552 A4+M/300
    • 5954554 A4+M/600
  • 300/600dpi print resolution
  • Print speed of up to 125 mm/s
  • Print width of up to 105.6 mm
  • 64 RAM MB
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 274 mm
    • Depth: 446 mm
    • Width: 302 mm
  • Need some technical support? Email