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Axicon 7015 Barcode Verifier

The Axicon 7015 combines CCD based hardware and state of the art application software, conforming to the latest ISO/ANSI print quality standards (ANSI x3.182 and ISO/ IEC15416-1). All Axicon equipment has been independently tested and conforms to ISO/IEC15426-1.

The Axicon 7015 is designed for all barcodes where a 10 or 20 mil aperture is mandatory (such as GS1-128 and ITF-14), up to 195mm width including quiet zones. The simple to use design reduces user error and eliminates product damage whilst providing the highest level of accuracy achievable for verification.
Simply install the software on your computer, plug in the verifier and you can be confident that your barcodes are being checked to the highest standards.The standard software includes everything you could ever need from a barcode verifier.

Traceability features include automatic saving of files, reports in a variety of formats, data content checks against a wide range of application standards as well as the product look-up function – helping you to ensure that your barcodes are fit for purpose.

The Axicon Verifier, when used in conjunction with the accurately produced calibration sheet, forms an integral part of your ISO 9000 quality control procedures.

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Axicon 7015 Barcode Verifier Technical data

  • ISO/ANSI Verification Standards
  • GS1 Reporting Template
  • USB Connection
  • Automatic Calibration Reminder
  • Symbology Auto-Discrimination
  • Automatic Variable Aperture (8, 10 & 20 mil)
  • Scan Saving & Loading
  • Static Scan Reflectance Measurement
  • Display of X Dimension/Magnification
  • AI Data Content Checker (for GS1-128 & GS1 DataBar etc.)
  • Product Look-up Facility
  • Multi Language User Interface