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Axicon 12000 2D Barcode Verifier Series

Conforming to all relevant pharmaceutical, military and ISO standards, the Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier will verify all your Data Matrix and GS1-Databar barcodes to the highest level- whether on labels, nameplates or direct part marked goods.

Easy to interpret reports provide a comprehensive assessment of your barcode detailing all ISO parameters as well as information on the data content. Precision engineered for repeatability, rugged housing and integral CCD imaging array provide the ideal conditions for verification. Using the 45°or combination 30/45/90° illumination,the fixed imaging unit needs no focus or alignment. This simple, easy to use design reduces user error whilst providing the highest levels of accuracy achievable for verification. – It’s simply the most accurate and easy to use verifier on the market. Every Axicon verifier is factory calibrated  and traceable to NIST standards and user calibration takes literally seconds. The Axicon 12000 2D barcode verifier can become an integral part of your ISO 9000 quality control process.

Axicon 1200 Series
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Axicon 12000 2D Barcode Verifier Series Technical data

  • Data Matrix, GS1-Databar & QR
  • Code Verification
  • Calibrated to NIST standards
  • Fully compliant to: MIL-STD 130N
  • AS9139, AIM DPM & ISO 16022
  • UID Validation
  • Data Export to printer, PDF & Excel
  • Free Software upgrade path