Cab SQUIX Print and Apply

Cab SQUIX Print and Apply

The SQUIX print and apply range offers entry-level, out of the box automatic label print and apply at around £4,000 making it the most cost-effective solution in the Cab range.

Firstly specify required print resolution, label width & web guiding from the SQUIX label printer range and then select from the SQUIX applicator range below depending on label apply method, tamp, wipe or blow.

The Cab S1000 is a universal print & apply system which can be offered in tamp or blow depending on product presentation. The applicator arm can label products both horizontally or vertically as specified.

The Cab S3200 labels products that are presented adjacent to the front of the SQUIX label printer moving in the horizontal axis from 45° to 95°

The Cab S5104 is a simple wipe on module, allowing labelling of moving product at up to approx. 60 labels/min with a label length of 100mm and syncronised print speed of 100mm/s.  

Labfax offer FREE extended warranty on all SQUIX systems if used with Labfax consumables.

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