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Cab EOS Label Printer

Discover our new Cab EOS range today. The line replaces and improves upon the older Cab E4 label printer. These printers offer great value for money and are suitable for manufacturers, retailers and courier / delivery services. All our EOS models come with touch-screen technology. This makes them incredibly simple to use, and you don’t even need to plug them into a PC to retrieve, edit and print existing label designs. The intuitive controls allow you to find the function you need, quickly and easily. You can even add a battery pack to use these label printers on the move. Wondering what the difference is between the different Cab EOS models? They vary in the diameter of the label roll they can take and are available in different dpi resolutions. Take a look at the individual label printer models for more details. See below for more information on our Cab EOS label printer range.