3M Scotchcal 3698E Labels

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3M Scotchcal 3698e labels are recommended for thermal transfer printed label stock applications, mainly where a very high performance and durability is required. iso90013M 3698e is a matt silver cast vinyl label with a 3M acrylic 320 adhesive. Labels are resistant to outdoor conditions and weathering, many solvents, UV-light as well as being dimensionally stable. Having specially modified acrylic adhesive shows high initial tack as well as good adhesion to nearly all surfaces, including most low surface energy substrates such as Polyethylene, textured paint, as well as curved surfaces. KEY FEATURES 5 years outdoor durability Resistant to UV exposure Bonds well to both high and low surface energy substrates 3M 3698e labels can be manufactured in any shape or size. Labfax currently has over 350 label sizes available but if you require a custom size, this can also be arranged. To compliment the 3M range, there are also high-performance thermal transfer ribbons.

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